If you are falling victim to sexual harassment in the workplace, it doesn't have to go unnoticed. According to recent studies, over a quarter of women in the UK have been subjected to some kind of harassment in the workplace. Don't fight it alone.

SHAW is here to give you the details you need regarding your rights in the workplace. Being the victim of such harassment can make you feel silly and you may not want to stand up against it, however, it is vital to future generations of women that we fight against discrimination and sexual harassment.

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If you have been subject to sexual harassment in the workplace, you are not alone. One in four women in Britain have suffered the same treatment, don't stand it alone.

It is vital to future generations of young women that we put up a stand now. SHAW is here to let you know your rights in the workplace. Sexual harassment, doesn't have to be physical, it can be verbal or even mental.

Of course women aren't the only victims of sexual harassment. There have been growing numbers of men in the UK who have been subject to some sort of sexual harassment in the workplace. It is vital that you speak out. 

Is someone in your office making your feel uneasy? Don't suffer in silence; find out your rights today. For more information email us at shaw@sexualharassmentatwork.co.uk.

Examples of Harassment include:

  • Demands for sex, sexual favours or sex acts of any description
  • Actual sex acts
  • Actual sex violence
  • Unwelcome touching (whether on top of or underneath clothing)
  • Unwelcome fondling(whether on top of or underneath clothing)
  • Suggestive behaviour, remarks or suggestions
  • Indecent exposure
  • Threats of indecent exposure
  • Indecent suggestions
  • Provocative language
  • Verbal threats of a sexual nature
  • Inappropriate remarks about a persons appearance in an uninvited manner
  • Insensitive jokes
  • Lewd comments
  • Innuendoes
  • Forwarding inappropriate emails
  • Pestering for attention
  • Displays of inappropriate material(for example nude or partially nude posters, calendars, and pictures from newspapers or magazines)
This is an educational website about Sexual harassment in the workplace and how to identify and deal with such problems. If you are in immediately danger or fear for your personal safety then please call the police on 999.